Youth Mental Health Solutions

The PRISM organization is in the midst of expanding our focus to provide a wide range of solutions that address the issues of mental health and behavioral health as they apply to our young people.

We live in a time when complexities and pressures have never been greater for our youth. The stresses and challenges of everyday life often lead to heartbreaking outcomes for adolescents, teens and young adults that are manifested in numerous ways.  The dramatic increase in substance use, depression & anxiety, suicidal behaviors and thoughts, socially inappropriate activities, violent behavior, and changes in habits involving eating, studying and engaging in extra curricular activities are well documented.

On an encouraging note, many people and organizations in our society are ready to pitch in and eager to address this massive societal challenge. $1B in funding has been earmarked by the state of North Carolina in an attempt to make a difference.  Hundreds of health care providers, government agencies and officials, educators, counselors, volunteers, service providers and businesses are all enlisting in the effort to help improve the mental, emotional and behavioral well-being of our youth.

As with our initiatives involving substance use disorder and related areas, PRISM is working diligently to identify successful concepts and programs, and to bring them to the people and service providers who need them most.

Behavioral Health Consultant Kelley Greer, Ed.S, serves as PRISM’s Program Implementation Advisor.  She has extensive experience in developing and implementing behavioral health programs for students of all ages and excels at methods that integrate mental health teachings into other school activities and curricula.  Since 2021, Kelley has been involved with program coordination for the UNC System Behavioral Health Convening, an annual conference which brings together campus leaders from colleges, universities and community colleges throughout the state. (The UNC System enrolls over 240,000 students at 17 institutions across the state.)

PRISM is actively developing mental and behavioral health initiatives that are designed to help students, parents and educators address and overcome the challenges they are facing.

PRISM’s areas of emphasis are in two critical areas, where we believe our organization and array of subject matter experts and program creators can have significant impact.

  • Introducing a wide range of programs that provide value to students, parents and educators
  • Implementing after-school programs on campus that incorporate life skills and behavioral health coping solutions into multi-faceted activities

We are working closely with educators, mental and behavioral health experts, program developers, governmental officials, health care providers and adolescent counselors to formulate and implement activities that can have a transformative, life changing impact for the children we serve.

We invite your participation in our Youth Mental Health Solutions initiative.  There are several ways in which you and your organization can play your part in fighting this behavioral health crisis.

– Join our planning task force
– Volunteer your subject matter expertise
– Participate in ongoing Needs Assessment Surveys
– Establish a partnership with PRISM and your school, school district or youth organization
– Incorporate your activities and programming (youth sports league, dance studio, afterschool program) with PRISM
– Provide a tax-deductible contribution to allow us to extend the impact of our programs

Please contact us directly to discuss the ways in which you may be of service, as we work together on this critical issue.  Email us at or fill out our contact form.

Please do your part.

Youth Mental Health Solutions

Youth Mental Health Solutions

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PRISM wishes to thank our school resource partners.