What is a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

Recovery Friendly Workplaces (RFWs) can be any type or size of organization. They provide a supportive and inclusive environment for their employees. They emphasize understanding, empathy, and non-discrimination, and foster a culture of acceptance and encouragement. In doing so, these work environments recognize that addiction and mental health issues can affect anyone, including their employees.

Recovery Friendly Workplace employers promote education and awareness about addiction and mental health to ensure that all employees and supervisors are well-informed about challenges individuals in recovery may face. RFW workplaces may offer employee assistance programs (EAPs), access to counseling services, and flexible scheduling to accommodate treatment and recovery needs. They usually establish clear policies and procedures to protect employees’ confidentiality and to prohibit discrimination based on their recovery status. Doing so creates an atmosphere where individuals feel safe to seek help without fear of repercussions.

Essentially, Recovery Friendly Workplaces reduce stigma, promote wellness, and support employees on their journey to recovery. By providing a culture of understanding and practical assistance, RFW workplaces benefit employees in recovery and their colleagues, by creating a more positive and productive work environment.

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