What are the economical benefits of Recovery Friendly Workplaces?

Our colleagues at Wilkes Recovery Revolution and other sources, report significant financial benefits, for businesses, communities, and the economy at large, when Recovery Friendly Workplaces are implemented.

Did you know 76,000 North Carolinians are presently affected by Substance Use Disorder? Nationwide, over 20 million adults have a substance use disorder.  That’s over 8% of the US adult population.

According to the RecoveryFriendlyNC.com website, 70% of people who are actively using substances are also employed. The National Safety Council reports that employees in recovery who are engaged in RFWs save employers $8500/year per person and have 13.7 fewer days absent from work.  Conversely, the CDC cites a per capita loss of nearly $4,000 in lost productivity and absenteeism from workers affected by SUD in overall work environments.  This represents a net loss in productivity of over $25M to North Carolina employers statewide.

By proactively providing employees in recovery with the supportive environment and resources they need, everyone benefits.  Please click to learn more about recovery friendly workplaces, and how businesses benefit and employees benefit from their existence.

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