The People's Recovery Summit - 2023

The People’s Recovery Summit

Harm Reduction and Pathways to Wellness

A real-time gathering of the people, by the people, and for the people. We welcome professionals, families, and loved ones, people from all pathways of recovery, wellness, and harm reduction, people who use drugs, and all allies alike!

All are welcome to attend our summit — a two-day event created to empower education and facilitate important community conversations between experts, families, loved ones, people with lived and living experience, and allies. Join us to not only learn about and engage on topics surrounding the Pillars of PRISM but also to receive unconditional acceptance and support from your office or the comfort of your home!
• Develop a deeper understanding of the current public health landscape in our country, state, and community.
• Learn about various valuable resources available to you, your loved ones, and those you may serve and support.
• Talk to and engage with others who have navigated their way through similar systems and have lived and living experience.
• Gain cutting-edge insight into your most pressing and urgent public health questions and concerns.


*Subject to Change

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1: Mental Health and Youth & Family

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2: Peer Support and Recovery Friendly Workplace


Keynote Presentations & Moderator

Jaques Gilbert
Mayor of Apex, NC
Keynote Presentation
Marilyn Shannon
PRISM Chairperson

Mental Health

Mike Bressler
Durham VA Medical Center
Dixie Brown
Lotus Healing
Kristina Canfield
Association of Recovery in Higher Education
Ashley Cline
Sharing her personal story
Cierra Cobb
Barbara Gaskins
NC Community Outreach and Wellness Center, Inc.
Kelley Greer
Educating and Connecting for Health and Hope
Stan Kimer
Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer

Youth & Family

Holly Carter
CINC (Community Impact North Carolina)
Maren Londahl-Smidt
Infinity Growth
Shanti Vyom
Leah Wright
Wake Monarch Academy

Peer Support

Dr. Jennifer Carroll
NC State University
Carisa Collins-Caddle
NC Harm Reduction Coalition
Leah Kortman
Massachusets Overdose Prevention Helpline
Sue Polston
Sunrise Community for Recovery & Wellness
Tim Saubers
Peer Recovery Center of Excellence

Recovery Friendly Workplace

Mark S. Bonta
New Hampshire RFWI Advisory Council
Jonathon Lambson
Nevada RFWI
Alex Paar
Recovery Jobs
Ryne Saylor
Full-Life CC
Ariana Williamson
Recovery Friendly NC