People's Opioid Summit Attendee Information

Important Information about The People’s Opioid Summit


The People’s Opioid Summit will take place on Friday, October 9, 2020, from 8 am to 6 pm online.  As a virtual event, participation is essentially unlimited.

Attendees will be able to participate remotely, by logging in to view workshops, panels, breakout sessions, and keynote speakers throughout the day, or after the event. Participants will also have access to resource materials distributed at the summit, as well as to extensive additional information from this website.

The overarching vision of the People’s Opioid Summit is to more than a 1-day activity. We envision the People’s Opioid Summit as a meaningful resource that will make a significant difference in the lives of the people for an extended period of time.


This Event is for YOU. The program on October 9th starts with registration and an opportunity to virtually meet other attendees.  The event will formally begin at 8.00 AM with introductory remarks and instructions about the day’s workshops, presentations, and vendors. Throughout the day attendees will be a part of workshops, panel discussions, breakouts, and keynote addresses.

Our primary keynote speaker is Mr. Steve Mange, Senior Policy & Strategy Council Director at the North Carolina Department of Justice. Mr. Mange is widely regarded as one of North Carolina’s leading experts on the Opioid crisis and its implications on North Carolina residents. Representatives from the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, prominent researchers, and other notable guests are also scheduled to participate.

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While we are in the midst of a pandemic, we cannot ignore the needs of other public health crises. The leadership group behind The People’s Opioid Summit had considered postponing our event in order to have it in-person, but with the numbers of opioid-related deaths rising even more dramatically, we felt that we could not wait.

As a result, we are working diligently to transition our event to one that can be participated in virtually and will still provide all of the information, support, and resources we had envisioned having at our on-site event. Vendors, Sponsors, and Attendees will still find this to be an incredibly valuable event. If you have any questions about the capabilities and processes of this revised event, please contact us.


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Time Session Speakers Duration Type of Presentation HopIn Location
8:00 Registration – Logging In 20 min Various
8:20 Welcome Message Marilyn Shannon 10 min Main Stage
8:30 An Athlete’s Outlook: The Pressure to Perform Shane Willis 45 min Featured Main Stage
9:15 Holistic Breakout Discussion Nora Henderson, Dr. Monique Santoro, Debbie Orol 1 hour Breakout Sessions
9:15 Medical Alternatives Breakout Discussion Aysel Atli, MD, MPH, Dr. Robert Bruck, Flo Moses, PT 1 hour Breakout Sessions
10:15 Break – Vendor & Sponsor Exploration 40 min Expo
10:55 Panel – Survivors, Living with Addiction, Support People Facilitator: Marilyn Shannon – Niki, Stan, Tim, Tonya 1 hour Breakout – Panel Sessions
10:55 Panel – Building a Community JoCo Angels Board: Roxie, Eddie, Kelley, Phyllis, Danette, Clay, Rhonda 1 hour Breakout – Panel Sessions
10:55 Impact on Young People Manny Shelton, Smythe Hoover 1 hour Breakout Sessions
11:55 Message from Lead Sponsor 15 min Main Stage
12:10 Lunch Break & Expo Exploration 45 min Various
12:55 Resetting 10 min Main Stage
1:05 Keynote Presentation: An Update on Efforts to Address the Opioid Epidemic in North Carolina – Steve Mange Steve Mange, NC DOJ 45 min Keynote Main Stage
1:50 Trauma Breakout Discussion Aynisa Leonardo, Dr. Jamila Battle, Joshua Dittmer M.D. 1 hour Breakout Sessions
1:50 Recognizing Opioid Use Breakout Dr. Eric Morse 1 hour Breakout Sessions
1:50 Self-Care & Caregiving Breakout Nancy Loeffler, Amber Vreeland, Stephanie Hoover, CHC, CRC 1 hour Breakout Sessions
2:50 Break – Vendor & Sponsor Exploration 25 min Expo
3:15 Overdose Response Breakout PORT Team 1 hour Breakout Sessions
3:15 Practical Information Breakout (Insurance, Finances, Language) Carlyle Johnson, Ph.D., Michael Lewis, CFA, MBA, Donald McDonald 1 hour Breakout Sessions
3:15 Ask A Pharmacist Amanda J. Isac, PharmD, MPH 1 hour Breakout Sessions
4:15 My Story of Addiction – Sex Work to Fulfilling Recovery Gina Musa, NCCPSS, CARC 45 min Featured Main Stage
5:00 Closing Remarks Marilyn Shannon Main Stage


The People’s Opioid Summit is very proud and excited to take place as a virtual event this year through the innovative online event platform, hopin. This decision was made with the goal of providing the best possible experience for attendees, vendors, sponsors, and speakers. With distinct areas for the main stage, vendor booths, breakout rooms, and more, all participants should be able to easily navigate to their desired presentations throughout the day. There will also be many opportunities for attendees to interact with each other, our vendors, sponsors, speakers, and more. As more specific information is available, we will send updates to registered attendees. If you have not registered for the event, you may do so here.

If you have already registered, within a few days of the event, you will receive a code and instructions sent to you via email to access the presentations, vendor information, and everything else the People’s Opioid Summit has to offer.

If you have any questions about the summit or the logistics of its virtual nature, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In light of COVID-19 regulations, the People’s Opioid Summit will take place as a virtual, nationwide event.