The War on Drugs – Just Say No – Stop and Frisk – the list goes on and on. These policies and more show that substance use and addiction have been massive problems in our society for years.

With a problem this large and this dangerous, there cannot be enough passionate and caring individuals and groups working to combat it.

PRISM (People’s Recovery Initiative for Solutions & More) is an organization dedicated to raising awareness, educating, and smashing the stigma surrounding substance use and addiction. We partner with and connect a number of fantastic groups who share our mission and vision and represent different spheres of influence. We also connect with everyday people through several series of events that put things in clear language and allow experts and those who have faced addiction to share their lived experiences. Our goal is to make resources available to anyone facing substance use or addiction and to save lives.

Some of our current projects include, but are not limited to:

  • The People’s Opioid Summit – our flagship initiative is a series of summits devoted to helping those facing Opioid Use Disorder themselves or in a loved one. Started in 2020 in Raleigh, NC, our vision is to hold summits throughout the year and around the country!
  • People’s Learning Circles – these are FREE monthly learning sessions that allow presenters to discuss a topic and share lived experiences in a relatively short amount of time. CEU credits are available for each of these presentations.
  • Monroe County PA Equity in Substance Use Treatment – we are in the process of partnering with several organizations in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to address discrepancies in treatment for Substance Use Disorder
  • NARCAN Training for new NC Drivers – we are working with the NC DHHS and ________________ to incorporate NARCAN training into the Driver’s Education curriculum
  • Youth Substance Abuse Events – members of the PRISM team are currently coordinating with groups in Charlotte, NC to organize an event specifically focused on addressing Substance Use in Youth
  • And Many More!

If you are a member of an organization, or someone with an idea for a way to combat the Substance Use epidemic that has plagued our nation and taken thousands of lives, please don’t hesitate to contact PRISM to see if we can be of assistance or form a partnership.

Current Partnerships


Sunrise Community is the first peer-staffed & managed organization in Western North Carolina serving those in recovery from substance use and mental health challenges. We help people navigate mental health systems, social and community reentry from incarceration. We have found that recovery can be successful by utilizing many different pathways. We are dedicated to helping each individual find the pathway that works best for them. We assist them in navigating that pathway to achieve an improved quality of life. We are staffed largely by peer support specialists who are persons certified by the state to utilize experience with mental health and substance use disorders, houselessness, or incarceration to help others with their life journey.

We are partnering with Sunrise on a number of initiatives, primarily focused on serving the western part of North Carolina.

More Info: Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness – Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness (sunriseinasheville.org)


AIHF offers the best in class, personalized care, and innovative approaches, all in a beautiful, safe, and judgment-free location where they are devoted to a lifetime of better health for all people!

The American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness®, their tenants, and other concerned organizations are pulling together to provide awareness, advice, information, and inspiration for the people of North Carolina and beyond. This coalition is dedicated to addressing the stigma by helping you and others to get beyond the fear, to improve your quality of life, get the resources you need, and to help to save a life.

More Info: AIHF.net


RISE is a small community resource center whose objective is to provide meetings, programs, resource connection, and case management assistance that empower individuals, youth, families & friends to successfully navigate community assistance organizations as well as recovery, mental health & wellness, parenting, and educational resources. RISE is located in the mountain community of Sylva, Jackson County, NC, and seeks to both learn from and serve traditional Appalachian resiliency.

More Info: RISE: Resources in Support of Empowerment (risewnc.org)


Do you have a family member, friend, or loved one struggling with addiction (Substance Use Disorder)? Have you or someone close to you lost a child or loved one to the drug crisis? Are you searching for hope and understanding? Would it help if you had someone to talk with or even a shoulder to cry on? Would you benefit from peer-generated fellowship, outreach, and support?

We are The SHARE Project and we are here for you and others like you! We have walked miles in your shoes, are fighting your same battles, and have cried your same tears. We have learned that power comes in unity, there is strength in numbers and together we can make a difference! We are working to strip the shame and stigma from the drug epidemic so ordinary people caught up in this extraordinary crisis have a safe place to land. We want you to know that WE DO UNDERSTAND and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We know this is a journey that no one wants to be on, and most definitely never alone. Let us share our support, let us share our strength, and let us share our love. Welcome to The SHARE Project.

More Info: The SHARE Project


The purpose of Dogwood Health Trust is to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of all people and communities of Western North Carolina. They are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These values inform their purpose, strategies, and decisions.

Their Key Values include:

  • “Compassion with Courage. We will be bold in pursuing our commitment to the people and communities of Western North Carolina by taking smart risks and investing in opportunities for profound impact.
  • Sustainability with Integrity. We will bring transparency and humility in stewarding resources to support and strengthen Western North Carolina for generations to come.
  • Partnering with Purpose. We will foster collective impact by promoting collaboration and advancing shared learning.”

More Info: https://dogwoodhealthtrust.org/ 


Alianza Para Una Comunidad Libre de Drogas (Alliance for a Drug Free Community) is the first and only Latino-led youth substance use prevention coalition in North Carolina.

Alianza is based in the Center for Prevention Services’ Latino Programs Department, which has provided prevention programming to Spanish-speaking populations in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1994.

Alianza’s work has been supported since 2016 by the Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program.

Its mission is to use environmental prevention, education, and community collaboration to create change and prevent substance use among Latino youth in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

More Info: ¿Quiénes somos? — Center for Prevention Services

VAYA Health

Vaya Health is a public managed care organization (MCO) that oversees Medicaid, federal, state and local funding for services and supports related to mental health, substance use disorder and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Vaya Health is a whole-person health organization helping people connect with the right providers on their journey toward healing, recovery and hope.

Vaya currently operates in over 31 counties in Western North Carolina.

More Info: https://www.vayahealth.com/

OptOut Task Force

The goal of the OPT Out Task Force is to increase collaboration between Carolinas CARE Partnership and local agencies to address opioid misuse for those we serve.

OPT Out serves LGBTQ people ages 14-25 and people living with HIV.  We are inspired to increase awareness and decrease stigma related to substance use disorders and HIV/AIDS.

OPT Out focuses on community engagement and substance misuse prevention with a trauma-informed, harm reduction approach.

More Info: https://www.carolinascare.org/preventative-education-counseling/

Technology Partner - Summit Hosting Platform

The People’s Opioid Summit is very proud and excited to take place as a virtual event this year through the innovative online event platform, hopin. This decision was made with the goal of providing the best possible experience for attendees, vendors, sponsors, and speakers. With distinct areas for the main stage, vendor booths, breakout rooms, and more, all participants should be able to easily navigate to their desired presentations throughout the day. There will also be many opportunities for attendees to interact with each other, our vendors, sponsors, speakers, and more. As more specific information is available, we will send updates to registered attendees. If you have not registered for the event, you may do so here.

If you have any questions about the summit or the logistics of its virtual nature, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Impact of Opioids

Far too many lives have been destroyed by opioids.

NC Deaths Caused by Opioids 1999-2017


US Opioid Deaths 1999 - 2019